The beginning of a dream

Don Raul Welchez bought Finca Santa Isabel in the early 1950s. He had always been a man of vision who owned farmland and loved and appreciated good coffee. From the beginning, he implemented procedures and techniques necessary to produce a high quality coffee.

Despite the volatility of coffee prices, gradually his efforts paid off as more and more people heard about the high quality of Don Raul’s coffee. In the 1970s he managed to expand a little more to offer coffee to customers in the region. 
By the mid ‘90s Don Raul’s two sons decided to call the Café Coffee Welchez. Finca Santa Isabel is still run by Don Raúl’s two children, so you can be sure that when you buy Welchez Gourmet coffee, the quality is always high.

"Above all, Santa Isabel is a place where visitors can "feel at home", to find a table ready to enjoy a cup of coffee "Welchez".

It has been more than half a century, but the farm "Santa Isabel" is what Don Raul envisioned the day it was purchased "a place where families can make an honest living". It is also an ideal location for wildlife where intelligent management of land, water and forests are part of daily work, Finca Santa Isabel has also become a natural laboratory classroom where young people from around the world can come to learn about agroforestry and coffee.
Raul’s two sons decided to baptize the coffee as Café Welchez. Together, they continue to manage Finca Santa Isabel where they strive to uphold Don Raul’s high standards for quality coffee.


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